About CMD and BK Capital, Direction Capital reached a strategic cooperation

Release time:2020-10-21 12:00

Dear CMD global miner:
CMD has reached a strategic cooperative relationship with BK Capital and Direction Capital.
BK Capital is a subsidiary of Bike Group and is the only digital currency fund under the group that covers investment and incubation. Its business includes currency investment and equity investment in the primary market of the blockchain industry, and digital asset management services in the secondary market.
Direction Capital focuses on blockchain innovation and investment in digital currency projects, gathering multiple investment institutions such as the popularization of digital currency knowledge, information aggregation, financial technology blockchain, and digital asset fields. Direction Capital has successively invested in early Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., and has also deployed heavy asset projects such as blockchain infrastructure and cloud computing centers.
Now BK Capital and Direction Capital have officially entered the CMD ecosystem. In the future, they will cooperate with CMD in multiple dimensions in the field of digital assets, brands, resources, technology, and communities to build a diversified community ecosystem. Contribute to the ecological construction of CMD.

October 21, 2020