About CMD Phase 2 Recruitment

Release time: 9:00, July 16, 2020

CMD has completed all pre-sales in the first phase, and is about to enter the second phase. It will officially open the second phase of the global recruitment of investors for pre-sale at 12:00 on July 16, 2020, Iceland time.

Total amount of pre-sale: 10.5 million (locked, released in one year)

The pre-sale criteria for the second stage are as follows:
Investors need to use cold wallet or light wallet address(Please do not use exchange address)Pay ETH to the following official ETH private placement address,And note the address of your CMD public Chain Wallet, the official will release CMD to yourCMD public Chain Wallet address, expected to be released in one year.
Official ETH private address:

Second stage pre-sale time and standard please pay attention to the latest announcement!
Thank you for your great support to CMD!

July 7, 2020