About CMD chain change, wallet release and investor release suspension

Release time: 15:30, June 29, 2020

Dear CMD global miners and investors:
Now that the CMD mainnet test is complete, the technical side is expected to officially enter the chain exchange phase at 2:00 AM on June 30, 2020, Iceland time. It is expected that the chain exchange time will be 12 hours. In the chain exchange phase, the latest node deployment is completed according to the official tutorial, so that the block reward can be obtained normally after the chain exchange is completed. After completing the chain change, you are welcome to go to the homepage to download the official wallet. Currently, Windows (optimizing), IOS, Linux, and Android downloads are supported.

Since the CMD network enters the chain swap, in order to protect the assets of investors, the release of investors will be stopped, and it is expected that it will return to normal within 3-7 days!

June 29, 2020