About CMD

As a public blockchain network with built-in smart contracts, distributed computing, and distributed big data storage, CMD is based on cross-chain technology, combined with anonymity protocols such as zero-knowledge proof and CryptoNote to improve the security and privacy of on-chain transactions Its unique DPOS POC POJ application prize pool can allow more miners to participate, and jointly provide humans with global, low-cost storage services, and jointly build a CMD ecosystem.

Consensus mechanism
Dpos + POC (mining) + jackpot application reward pool, a DAPP based on distributed computing and storage encrypted communication lucky chat, 20% of the miners' CMD enters the DAPP reward pool, and the chat channel supports the CMD red packet function. Each person can create a room by mortgage a certain number of CMD, And socialize.

Allocation mechanism
Total circulation :420 million
dig mine:75%
Advance sale:10%(The first phase of75%、the second phase25%)
The technical team:10%(released one year after launch)

Chuangshi 10 minutes a block, 1024 coins per block

Block height production reduction: the proportion of production reduction is 20%. The first production reduction is one year later (the first production reduction is expected when the block height reaches 52000 blocks). The production reduction is once every year in the first three years, and once every two years later. It is expected to be completed in 10 years.

Best Features

Dpos + POC + jackpot (DPJ consensus mechanism)

DAPP application award pool

Through the use of complex mathematical proof scheme and the latest encryption technology to develop CMD, to ensure that all network transactions are completely private, untraceable and impossible to link.

Security anonymity

CMD is developed with the efforts of its community. Open source blockchain projects participate in mining through CPU, memory and hard disk to obtain CMD.

Multiple digging mechanism

Users can participate in mining and obtain profits through CPU, memory (RAM), hard disk (HDD).

DPJ new consensus mechanism

Dpos + POC + POJ hybrid mechanism.

Intelligent contract

CMD has built-in smart contract, which can develop DAPP more friendly on the CMD network.

Decentralized data cloud storage ecosystem

CMD is a point-to-point distributed big data cloud storage ecosystem, which aims to eliminate the need for central control and third-party verification of transactions.

Road Map

CMD creates a block in 10 minutes, 1024 yuan for each block



CMD file release, project start



Official release of CMD white paper



CMD anonymous technical team formations


Research and development stage of CMD Technology

Commercial application orientation and acquisition mode of CMD



CMM calculation method online



The global node deployment and investor recruitment of CMD were launched on April 10; the mining configuration was officially released on May 10; the test network was officially launched on May 19



Official launch of CMD main network



CMD is expected to successively log into major exchanges



Open source code released by CMD



It is expected that the certificate storage application on the CMD chain will go online


Commercial application landing development

More applications join the CMD network, layout global distributed storage, etc

What are the technical characteristics and key parameters of the CMD chain?

Underlying model: utxo (unspent transaction output)

Consensus mechanism: Dpos + Poc + Jackpot

Support for smart contracts

Circulation: 420000000 CMD

Total mining reward: about 315000000 CMD (as reward for block producers)

Through purchase CMD

Obtained through dpos, POC, jackpot

Dpos + POC + POJ (DPJ consensus mechanism) hybrid consensus mechanism, scientific innovation

Built in smart contract, safe and fast

Certificate on Chain

Strong scalability (solves the impossible triangle problem of blockchain)

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